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Shop For Handmade Star Wars Inspired Jewelry, Gamer Inspired Jewelry & Sci-fi Inspired Jewelry. This is the collection that started the entire segment and internet sensation of Geek-Jewelry.  We are proud to do interesting and innovative items that sooth the need to celebrate your PASSIONS!!!

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The Potter Collection

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The Star Wars Collection


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The Good Doctor Collection

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Sci-Fi Collection

Geek Dot Jewelry

Anime and Oddities Collection

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The Zelda Collection

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Thrones & Stones Collection


a chain link fence

Poke Collection

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The WoW Collection

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Fit For A Lord Collection

Geek Dot Jewelry

The Boldly Collection

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Skull Diggery Collection


Our Artwork And Media Trademarks

Paul Michael Design creates artwork inspired by popular media subject matter. All works are Copyright Paul Bierker 1994-2020. Any use of protected word marks are done purely in fair use scenarios such as  Descriptive Fair Use,  Nominative Fair Use, Parody Fair Use - for descriptive,comparative subject matter and/or to describe the inspiration for the item of artwork. 



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Dragon Ballz Collection



Paul Michael Design in no way claims, represents or warrants ownership of any trademarks, wordmarks or copyright of said media properties.

Paul Michael Design also reserves no rights to said property or trademarks. 

We create inspirational small run Jewelry Art Inspired by our passions.